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Boozoo Baby Handmade Creations

Grow with me dress - Holiday Floral

Grow with me dress - Holiday Floral

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Our "Grow with me" dresses are designed to withstand the test of time, lasting for months or even years with adjustable sleeves that can be easily rolled up or down as your child grows. These essential pieces are crafted with play in mind, ensuring that your little ones can move around comfortably and freely, while also boasting the ultimate twirl factor.

Product Details:

Available in 3 sizes (3-12 months, 1-3 years, 3-6 years), our dresses are crafted from a premium blend of bamboo, cotton, and spandex, offering exceptional comfort, breathability, and stretch.


 (inches) 3-12 months 1-3 years 3-6 years
Hips/Seat 17.5-19.5 19.5-22 22-25
Waist 17.5-19 19-21.5 21.5-23
Chest 17-19 19-21 21-24
Head Circumference 16.5-18.5 18.5-20 20-21
Height 24-30 30-38 38-46.5


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Care Instructions

machine wash cold, tumble dry low

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