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10 March Break Ideas for Kids

March break is coming quickly and I was lucky enough to be able to take the week off to spend with Freya. We have some appointments and stuff we need to get done, but I also want to make sure we can have a little fun. So if you’re looking for some inspiration, I’ve put together a list of 10 options to try out next week. I’m planning to write these all on pieces of paper and pick one activity per day we need to fill, some of them might double up on one day, and we’ll save the rest to do on weekends:

  1. Have a movie marathon. Pick out a selection of movies, pop some popcorn and enjoy a movie marathon.
  2. Have a game day. Pull out your favorite board and card games and get ready for a day of family fun.
  3. Take a day trip. Visit a nearby museum, zoo, or aquarium for a fun-filled day.
  4. Make a craft. Gather supplies from around the house and get creative with arts and crafts.
  5. Have a baking day. Make delicious treats together using everyone’s favorite recipes.
  6. Have a scavenger hunt. Make lists of items to find and send the kids on a hunt around the house, yard or neighborhood.
  7. Visit a local park. Take a trip to the park for some fresh air and outdoor activities.
  8. Have a spa day. Set up a relaxing spa day at home, complete with facials, manicures, and more.
  9. Take a virtual tour. Visit a new place without leaving home with a virtual tour.
  10. Have a dance party. Turn up the music and get ready for dancing and fun.
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